How Does C-Scan Work?

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Once the ingestible capsule C-Scan® Cap is swallowed, it travels naturally along the gastrointestinal tract while scanning the inner lining of the colon. C-Scan® Cap actively communicates with the second element of the system, C-Scan® Track, which records and stores the scanning data. When the screening procedure is over, C-Scan® Cap will be excreted naturally, the patient is notified, and the scanning data can be analyzed by using our proprietary software, C-Scan® View.

C-Scan® Cap

  • “Ingestible capsule”
  • “Emission of ultra-low dose X-ray beams”
  • “Scanning of gastrointestinal tract”
  • “Autonomous and natural passage through the gastrointestinal tract”
  • “Total X-ray exposure dose similar to that of a single chest radiography”

C-Scan® Track

  • “Three miniaturized patches worn on the patient’s back”
  • “Integrated positioning, control and recording system”
  • “Continuous recording and storage of C-Scan® Cap’s information”
  • “Patient is notified once capsule is excreted naturally”

C-Scan® View

  • “Proprietary software to process scanning data”
  • “Construction of 2D and 3D maps of the inner surface of the colon”
  • “Portal based analysis suite allows physicians to analyze data anywhere”
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