Preparation-Free Screening

Barriers to colorectal cancer screening

Although colonoscopy is considered the gold standard investigation for screening and diagnosis of CRC, there are barriers to colonoscopy adherence, including the need for thorough bowel preparation, sedation, patient anxiety and embarrassment, logistics, and test cost.



Many patients report that bowel preparation is the main reason why they do not complete screening tests such as colonoscopy or CT colonography. Preparation can be an unpleasant experience, involving a restricted diet or fasting and the taking of a laxative solution to cleanse the bowel ahead of the procedure.

In those who do undergo a screening colonoscopy, inadequate bowel preparation, which occurs approximately 20% of the time, may impair accuracy, prevent imaging of the full length of the colon, and increase the procedure's duration, potentially necessitating the cancellation and rescheduling of the procedure. Inadequate preparation has also been linked to an increased risk of procedural adverse events.

The need for a patient-friendly, hassle-free CRC screening test for cancer prevention has led to the development of C-Scan, which does not require bowel cleansing. Patients are free to continue with their normal daily routine, while the capsule travels naturally through the gastrointestinal tract and scans the colon.