C-Scan® View

The C-Scan® View is a PC-based work station that processes data and constructs the map of the inner surface of the colon.

Upon retrieval of information from the C-Scan® Track, the proprietary software generates 2D and 3D images of the colon surface providing the physician with analysis capabilities in four main viewing modes:

2D Maps Mode
Capture 232 maps

A view of 2D segment height maps. This view allows the physician to identify and evaluate suspected polyps and masses.

3D Fillet mode
fillet updated

A spread (fillet) of the 3D reconstructed image. This view allows the physician to view the surface of the inner colon and identify suspect polyps and masses on this surface.

3D Tube mode
Capture 232 Tube

A 3D reconstructed view of the colon in segments as imaged by the capsule. This view displays the inner lining of the colon surface, allowing the physician to turn and view the 3D reconstructed colon segment from inside and outside and identify suspect polyps and masses on this 3D surface.

3D Fly mode
fly updated

An endoscopic-type point of view that allows the physician to travel along the colon segment in a fly through perspective.

The physician will use the information provided by C-Scan® View to determine whether any anatomical anomalies are present in the colon and advise the patient on any next steps.