C-Scan® Cap




C-Scan® Cap is an ingestible X-ray based imaging capsule that consists of an X-ray source and X-ray detectors connected to proprietary single photon counting electronics. The X-ray source is collimated and rotated, forming three beams that scan when the capsule moves within the colon.

The capsule also includes a microprocessor and RF communication to transmit data to the C-Scan® Track, as well as transmitting electromagnetic signals that allow the C-Scan Track to track the 3D position and orientation of the capsule within the body.

Patients swallow the capsule together with 1 tablespoon of radiopaque contrast solution. No fasting or bowel preparation is required. As the patient continues with their normal daily activities, the capsule is propelled through the gastrointestinal tract by natural motility.

Once in the colon, the capsule measures the circumferential dimensions of the inner surfaces and captures this information that is later used by the C-Scan® View to construct a colon map.

C-Scan Cap employs a shield to cover the X-ray source, which is actuated only while the capsule is in motion in the colon. The X-rays to which patients are exposed for the entire procedure, from ingestion to excretion of the capsule, is similar in dosage to a single chest radiograph This ultra-low dosage is significantly lower than conventional medical imaging procedures using X-rays such as computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen and pelvis and screening mammography.

When the C-Scan Cap has completed its passage, it is naturally excreted from the patient's body and the patient is notified.